Q: I have never done this before, I am out of shape, and uncoordinated. Will I be able to take pole class?
A: Yes, most students come in with no experience and ANYONE no matter the age, weight, or athletic ability can pole dance!
Q: Is there a weight limit or age limit for pole?
A: no
Q: Are men allowed in dance class?
A: Men take separate classes and the only coed class is the Acro class. No men will be watching.
Q: Should I take a private pole lesson instead because I am shy and uncomfortable with my body?
A: No, private lessons are best for serious pole dancers wanting to compete or advance quickly. Everybody is uncomfortable with their body, and all participants are kind and judgement free.
Q: What do I wear to class?
A: Wear athletic clothes such as shorts, skorts, a tank top or tee shirt, and any type shoes. Heels are fun for the beginner pole level, but you can wear sneakers, dance shoes, or boots as well. Just no bare feet, and socks are ok but may be slippery. NO JEWELRY and NO LOTION. Your skin must be dry and exposed to help stick to the pole. Several ladies are uncomfortable exposing their legs. If this applies to you, pants are acceptable but the lights will be off during class FYI.
Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: Yes, your kid or kids can come as long as they are old enough to behave or still a young baby. I will keep the music PG when kids are present, and we never do anything raunchy during pole dance class.
Q: What is the difference between a 6 week session and a 6 class punch card?
A: A punch card is simply a purchase of 6 classes that you use whenever you want. There is no set time limit or restraints on when you can come other than if the class you want is completely maxed out. You also cannot use the punch card for classes that are empty because those will eventually be removed from the schedule. A 6 week session is a purchase of 6 time slots that are the same each week for 6 weeks. You must come to the time you signed up for each week, and your purchase expires after 6 weeks regardless of whether or not you came to all of your classes. If you are unsure if you’ll be able to attend all of your classes, buy a punch card. There are no exceptions for the makeup policy.
Q: Can I make up dance classes I missed?
A: Yes, please see the makeup policy under the pricing page.
Q: Can I join a 6 week session even if it has already started?
A: Yes, you can sign up for pole anytime.
Q: Do you teach during open pole on Sundays?
A: No, I don’t teach, but I am available for questions and minimal assistance during open pole.

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