Class Option I: 6 Week Session Pole Rounds
$70 1x a week for 6 weeks
$120 2x a week for 6 weeks
$165 3x a week for 6 weeks
$225 unlimited pole for 6 weeks
A 6 week session is a purchase of 6 time slots that are the same each week for 6 weeks. You come to the class time you signed up for each week, and your purchase expires after 6 weeks regardless of whether or not you came to all of your pole classes. Makeup policy below.

Class Option II: Punch Card Pole Classes
6 Class Pole Card: $85
4 Class Pole Card: $55
A pole punch card is a purchase of 6 or 4 pole dance classes. There is no set time limit or restraints on when you can come other than if the class you want is completely maxed out or the it is empty. Buying a punch card guarantees you will NOT lose any of your pole classes so it is a good option for those with rotating schedules.

Class Option III: Drop In Pole Classes
Drop in Classes: $20

Sample Pole Classes
Sample Pole Classes(1 per person): $12

Private Pole Lessons or workshops
Private Class Lessons: $30 per hour, $25 for 2 people in a class. Prices vary if traveling is involved.
bundle 4 private lessons for $100
5 private lessons for $120
6 private lessons for $144

Pole Parties: $75/hour in studio and $200 plus travel for requested locations. In studio pole dance parties have a 20 person maximum limit.

Pole Performances: $150 minimum if the location has poles and $300 minimum if we bring the poles

All prices and SALES are FINAL. Please do not try to negotiate or barter for discounts!!

Pole Dance Classes cannot be transferred to another student, saved for another round, or refunded. Please do not ask for refunds or to save your space for the next round because you didn’t show up. If you sign up for a 6 week session and miss one or more of the classes you can absolutely make them up. However, a few conditions apply:
1. You must call, text, email, or verbally tell the instructor that you will miss pole class before the class begins. No exceptions.
2. You must make the class up in the same 6 week session you signed up for. If you are unable to do this, the classes can carry over to the next round as long as you sign up again.
For example, if you miss 2 classes out of your 6, you make the instructor aware, and you sign up again, we will deduct the cost of one class from $70 which makes your price $59 and you will also have 7 classes in the next round instead of 6. YOU MUST SIGN UP AGAIN TO DO THIS!
3. If you roll over make up classes, the MAXIMUM discount is 2 classes per session. If you miss more than 2, the other missed classes roll over as makeups only. If you are coming more than once a week, I will deduct a MAXIMUM of 3 from your next round.
WHY? When I sign up and pay for a 6 week session, shouldn’t I be able to do the 6 pole dance classes I paid for?
NO! When you purchase a punch card, you pay for 6 pole classes, when you purchase a 6 week session, you pay for 6 time slots that are reserved for you. If you miss your time slots, make ups are a courtesy because we realize people are busy and things come up. If you don’t think you can come to all of your dancing classes at the time you purchased, purchase a punch card and not a 6 week session! Please do not ask for any exceptions because there are NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!


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